Lush Bubble Tea Baguio City Lush Bubble Tea now has new offerings! Aside from their Taiwan-inspired milk teas, they have more dishes to serve you! From pasta to chicken wings, you’ll surely keep coming back for a full meal! So, what’s new at Lush Bubble Tea Baguio? Read more! What’s new: More Hot Food! If

A Lush Milktea Place in Baguio

A Lush Asian Fusion A new milk tea hub in Baguio heroes a Singaporean and Malaysian dish called steamed Kaya Bun to pair with luscious Taiwan-inspired bubble tea. Lush Bubble Tea is the first and only place that serves an Asian fusion dish and milk tea! If you’d like to know more about a lush
My Favorite Disney movie Raw, straightforward, empowered and moving. Those words are what I can describe to the new version of Mulan 22 years after the original Disney animated movie. This is my honest review of one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. This is what I truly think of how the story

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