Heads up kitchen creatives! Master your cooking skills by being creative with excellent equipment in the kitchen! So what makes a kitchen fresh and furious? Brace yourselves with the new master in the kitchen; Breville! Color your life with the second installment of the Bravo Breville series featuring the launch of another new master in
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Clarity. Intentional. Strong. These words sum up what my life is all about during a time of crisis. I was enlightened to make tough decisions. Being conscious of my aspirations and with my responsibilities. To be strong for unexpected events. This is my story, my mid-year survival reflections.

What Self-Care Really Means

Not Just Skincare The term self-care has been thrown over many times on social media and other platforms like it’s all about skincare and travel. Well, I don’t think it’s just about long bubble baths or drinking wine anymore. I believe it’s more than that. Here goes; what self-care really means to me and the

Hey, I'm Rae!

An earthling that's hooked on social media marketing, journaling, books, blogging about beauty, food, lifestyle and living a radiant life.


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