What Self-Care Really Means

Not Just Skincare The term self-care has been thrown over many times on social media and other platforms like it’s all about skincare and travel. Well, I don’t think it’s just about long bubble baths or drinking wine anymore. I believe it’s more than that. Here goes; what self-care really means to me and the
Everything Baguio Hello, everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last blog. While I have been active on my other social media accounts, I missed writing blog posts! Here’s a new series of blogs where I’ll be featuring everything Baguio, from local brands to places. I do hope I can update this regularly
Eco-Friendly-Cotton-Rounds, Small-businesses-in-Baguio, Support-local, eco-friendly-products, reuesable-cotton-rounds
The onslaught of the quarantine kept us at home and we never stopped to amuse ourselves. Watching films online is one of the things that kept us sane over the year of this adversity that we’re experiencing. If you’re still looking for films to watch online, maybe my list would be helpful for you! Now,

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