My Personal Favorite Restaurants in Baguio City

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Welcome to my new, yet again, food blog! This time, I’m doing a rundown of my personal favorite restaurants in Baguio City! These are restaurants I personally (duh, LOL) go to with my friends, family and of course, my beloved. Teehee! We love to feast and we usually pick the same restaurants lately. I’m currently discovering other food stops in the city but let me introduce to you this list first!

  1. Prince Plaza Hotel & Restaurant

Just moved to a new home last year but still along Legarda Rd. Prince Plaza Hotel & Restaurant still offers its famous Shabu-Shabu/Hot Pot and now with Mongolian Grill Buffet too! As of this writing, the rate per person is at Php435. Aside from the unlimited meat and veggie trays, the buffet comes with unlimited rice, drinks and desserts like making your own halo-halo or classic “Buko” pandan salads! My dad absolutely loves Shabu-Shabu, he personally chooses this more than “Samgyup” (sorry not sorry. LOL). That is why this is one of my personal favorite restaurants in Baguio City. We even celebrated daddy’s birthday there!

May I add, I also love their main dishes, most especially the Pata Tim and Steamed Chicken! YUM!

  1. Quoted Cafe

Ahh! An all-time favorite of my family and friends, too! We celebrated too many events there already. It’s close to home and its cozy ambiance is inviting! My personal favorites are the Seafood Pasta, Lengua, Cheesesteak Sandwich and for dessert, the Brazo De Mercedes on top of a layer of chocolate cake!

We also celebrated my mom’s birthday there recently!

  1. Rafael’s Bistro at Ritz Legarda Hotel

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This luxury boutique hotel along Legarda Rd., is often overlooked but did you know they also have Mongolian Grill Buffet there? Only Php280/person and it comes with drinks, dessert and appetizers! Our family, especially my dad, is really into Mongolian Grill Buffet. He basically cooks, but here at the restaurant, he’s still able to whip up his own flavors but more ingredients as if he’s still “cooking”! Kidding aside, the hotel’s bistro also offers delicious main courses and the serving is so worth it! Try Crispy Bagnet, The Ritz Pizza and Ritz Burger, my personal favorites! Dessert? Order the Churros!

On weekends, the bistro elevates their Mongolian Grill Buffet with Japanese Buffet (mixed sushi, tempura, kakiage, Kani salad, soba noodles and more!), Filipino Dishes and Make Your Own Popiah (Chinese Vegetable Lumpia) for only Php420!

  1. Hill Station Baguio 

Notice that these food choices are those that we can’t or don’t usually cook at home! Here goes Hill Station Baguio. I’ll jump to the dessert, shall we? I love love love their Death by Chocolate! They serve hot flourless Valrhona chocolate cake in a ramekin decked with vanilla ice cream on top! It takes me back to my memorable and fun previous job in Manila where I used to work at a pastry shop.

But of course, I couldn’t forget to mention their Seafood Paella Valenciana and tapas! Total delight!

  1. Everything Nice Cake Shop and Café

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“EN” got me at their Chocolate Fudge cake. Ehem. You probably know by now that I’m a sucker for good chocolate delicacies! Can’t help it, haha! Anyways, Everything Nice got my attention to their delightful meals like the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Double Porkchop with Ensalada, and Lemongrass Iced Tea. Per plate of a meal is more or less Php200/person.

I love the cozy ambiance with pastels and greenery that immaculately flooded the new branch in the mall! Super “Instagrammable,” don’t you think? My bestie and I are going back here, for sure!

  1. Craft 1945

This restaurant reminds me of the monthly meetings I have with my bosses at Barcino in Makati. This time, in my home city, I get to savor this almost familiar space with a gastronomic delight. The tapas and the paella are very irresistible! You probably know by now, they also offer the same craft beers as Baguio Craft Brewery. Let me also enlighten you about that spot too in this blog I wrote before: Why You Have to Visit Baguio Craft Brewery.

This is more on a pricey side but worth the money for me. The estimate is you could spend around Php1,000-1,500 for 2 persons.

  1. Yasuragi Japanese Cuisine

All my loved ones know that aside from me being a chocoholic, I am also obsessed with Japanese cuisine! I can’t count how many times I ate here ALONE. Yes, alone especially on THOSE days when I am craving for that fresh Spicy Tuna Salad and Ebi Tempura Rolls! Their Beef Teppan and the Pork gyoza are also my go-to’s! For two persons dining in, you can only spend about Php700-Php1,000, but of course, it depends on your appetite!

I also wrote a blog about this restaurant when I celebrated my birthday here a few years ago. Here it is: Birthday Dinner  at  Yasuragi Japanese Cuisine.

  1. Overtones Ito Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

A recent favorite of my family goes to the Overtones Ito Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant! Their sushi rolls are a mouthful, you’ll definitely feel full after a few rolls! I like the authenticity of this restaurant wherein the sashimi and anything raw is fresh! Pink salmon and red tuna indeed! Also, the serving like for family set is way much for a hungry family of 3, haha, we have a few bites to take home!

TIP: Ask how you could get discount coupons to get the best deals!

  1. Agara Ramen

Where do I start? Or rather, when do I end this? I go on and on about how much my love for this Japanese ramen bar! This is tucked away from the mainstream food chains (i.e. malls, Session Rd.) to keep that Japan ramen bar vibe. I’ve done a couple of blogs about this authentic ramen bar. Find out more about their prices and the menu here: Why You Should Come Back to Agara Ramen

  1. Habibi’s Grill

Now, this has always been a favorite especially when my family gets lazy to cook for dinner or my boyfriend and I want a “cheap” date. Really though, this Arabian Restaurant offers affordable food choices and it’s even worth it. I love the Beef Shawarma Pita (starts at Php99), Falafel Plate and the Labneh Balls (cheese yogurt balls sprinkled with dried mint leaves with olive oil.)

Wrapping up!

So those are my personal favorite restaurants in Baguio City! We all have an acquired taste in food so whatever I like may not be your taste too. I just thought, why not enumerate all the restaurants that I could recommend for those who are still looking for good food finds in the city. This blog is for locals and tourists. I’ve linked the official pages of the restaurant on each number so you may be able to find more info about them.

Alright, this blog is taking too long, let me leave you now. Until my next foodie blog! I’ve listed new finds already like more diners and Chinese cuisines! TTFN!

Stay radiant!


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