Meet My Pet: Meiji

Feline Pet

Meet my pet, Meiji. ”Ailurophilia” (noun), a fondness or love for cats. Who loves a feline pet like me? “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort,” James Herriot said and I totally agree. For some reason, whenever you cuddle with a cat, you would feel their warmth and especially their puurrrs. Aside from pet dogs, a feline pet is one of my favorites! I got influenced also for my love for cats when I was watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch starred by Melissa Joanheart in the early 00’s or late 90’s? Anyways, she has a pet cat there named Salem. After that, what if, what if, I have a cat like hers who talks? hahah just kidding! Since then, I just love cats!

My favorite feline pet

Meet-my-pet-meiji, meet-my-pet, my-feline-pet

Let me talk about my favorite feline pet, Meiji. She doesn’t have any special breed, etc., she is what we call in the Philippines, a “pusakal” haha like “pusang kalye” or street cat or stray cat. If I can remember it correctly, she was found by my dad just wandering the streets so he just took her. I fell in love with Meiji because, aww, look at her face, too cute! By the way, we like naming our family pets after a brand of chocolates we love. Meiji is a Japanese brand of chocolate.

Why I love Meiji

Meet-my-pet-meiji, meet-my-pet, my-feline-pet

I like her golden-colored fur and she is very cuddly. Could you imagine that she accompanies me during the siesta time? She climbs up my bed and sleeps curled on my stomach or my legs. She is so gentle and I don’t ever remember her scratching me or biting me (if cats to bite lol). As you can see in my photos in the blog, she also participated in a photo shoot. It is for my Photography class in college and the subject to take a photo is a pet. I was only using my digital camera then. Isn’t she adorbs?

Where is Meiji now?

Unfortunately, not all cats have nine lives. The way she died, she didn’t fall from a high altitude or what, but it was kind of a tragic death. No, she wasn’t run over a car. I just don’t want to get into details but writing this again made me feel so sad. I cried when I found out that she is already dead. Well, we all had those pets, right? Like, people, they come and go. (Charot, hugot hahaha)

Do I still have pets?

Yes, our family has. We have a Chihuahua and 2 street cats. The 2 cats are named Maltitos and Cassie. 🙂 The dog is named Chloe. Apparently, I am not too close to them already. I just don’t like feeling that pain of losing them when the time comes. LOL! I ended up liking other ‘cat’ characters, like Catwoman, and live-action movie of Catwoman played by Halle Berry.

Anyways, I can’t help to include this GIF, let me know if you watched this and sang this too! Are you a fan of Big Bang Theory?


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  1. Sarrah Cea says:

    They say cats are like women. Difficult to deal with but very loving.

    1. raefloresca says:

      Indeed, they are so loving!

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