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April Favorites by I am RAEdiant

Goodbye, April! The month of April for me was such rollercoaster of emotions because, during the past month, I have been re-evaluating myself over and over. I’ve been crazy frustrated with the elements around me that has become my stressors but I am currently doing some do-overs to make myself feel better. Anyways, enough with […]

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September RAEdiant Favorites

I’m not all too enthusiastic about this month of September. Honestly, I am thinking twice if I have to write one, however, I already aired out the circumstances that happened this September. It was all written in my previous blog. Anyways, I am still going to do this monthly favorites because I know that this […]

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August RAEdiant Favorites

Am I the only one feeling frightened but excited now that it’s already September? Where did the month of August go? I guess it has been really an Au-GHOST month-felt nothing but shivers! Lol! Anyways, while August was a rollercoaster ride for me, I was still able to come up with a roster of my […]

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July RAEdiant Favorites

I didn’t have many favorites the past month, the things I’m listing below is probably significant favorites of the month. Let’s begin. Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Series   Marvel has done it again! Thank you Freeform TV for the franchise of this show (after sadly cutting off Shadowhunters-lol!)! This was again introduced by my ever […]

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June RAEdiant Favorites

There is so much to talk about the past month. First is, it was my birth month. On my birthday I got sick, I had really bad colds but nonetheless, I still celebrated my birthday with my family. Anyways, without further ado, let me lead you to this month’s favorites that is for me, worth […]

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May RAEdiant Favorites

Hey loves! Here I go again, posting late about my monthly favorites. But I couldn’t skip this. I need to share with you these favorites that you may love too! Beauty Favorites 1. Etude House Face Blur First off, this beauty wonder! Maybe I haven’t tried other products like these but this one, I’m really […]

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