What’s in My Bag?

Wait, before you say anything like, “who cares?.”I joined a blog challenge at a Facebook group, Bloggers Ph. You can join the group if you want! It’s my choice to run with it and I thought this can still be fun. Plus, I have again some recommendations too and you may find it useful. So,
My All-time Favorite Movies and Series Now that we’re living day and night in our own homes, I thought, okay, I’ll round up a list of what I like that you may like to watch too! The shows here are mostly of which I’ve grown up with and the recent shows that I’ve discovered. So,
I started reading this book even before the community quarantine or “lockdown” started. I finally finished reading it! I’ll write out all my thoughts about this first book of Cassandra Clare’s Dark Artifices trilogy. Just a disclaimer though, this isn’t a full book review. I just like to tease you to read it and this

Hey, I'm Rae!

A twenties girl that's hooked on social media marketing, chocolates, sushi, blogging about beauty, food, hobbies and living a radiant life.


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