Every sequel of Cassandra Clare surprises me with her characters, the plot, the imagery of the words that entail to one masterpiece of a story. I read this last chapter of The Dark Artifices for too long as if I wouldn’t want to end reading it. Well, if you’re hooked with the author’s artistry, you
My best Baguio retreat at Tudor in the Pines was not just a simple “staycation,” but it is more than just a retreat. This blog shares how important it is to do a retreat. This isn’t just about the ‘gram. The lodge offers an experience of finding bliss harmoniously with the juxtaposition of nature and
Rekindling-Friendships-in-the-time-of-pandemic, write-to-ignite-blogging-project
Spontaneity is what I rely on these days when I want to socialize with friends. Gone are the days when you just set the whole day spending time with them in person. This pandemic challenged not only ourselves but also relationships. Well, that’s just me. Here’s my new blog about rekindling friendships in the time

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