Another Shadowhunter’s Novel reading is done! This is the second book of Cassandra Clare’s Dark Artifices trilogy, Lord of Shadows. The plots are always unexpected and I am clearly obsessed with the “Shadow World”, as the author calls it. STOP If you’re really interested in the books of Cassandra Clare of The Dark Artifices, I

Meet My Pet: Meiji

Feline Pet Meet my pet, Meiji. ”Ailurophilia” (noun), a fondness or love for cats. Who loves a feline pet like me? “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort,” James Herriot said and I totally agree. For some reason, whenever you cuddle with a cat, you would feel their warmth and especially their puurrrs. Aside from pet dogs,
This is the third and last day of the Blog Challenge that I joined at a group, Bloggers Ph. This blog would all be the memorable places I’ve been to. I gathered a handful of photos here and despite not being able to travel a lot lately, I realized that I have been traveling a

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