Skincare during quarantine The quarantine led me to pay more attention to my skincare routine. No late-night gimmicks or morning rush so I took some time to use Japanese skincare products that work for my skin. So, beauties, welcome to my ultimate Japanese skincare starter kit!     Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion Don’t get intimidated
Home Workout Working out at home is one of the things to do that came into my mind since the community quarantine started. Even before the pandemic, I have been working out through dancing but not daily. I was following Fitness Marshall (Caleb Marshall) on Youtube for many years now and it has been a
Safe Mall-ing at SM City Baguio Hello Baguio City friends! I just received a Press Release from SM City Baguio and I think it is also imperative to share with you! So, how does SM City Baguio keep up to “safe mall-ing”? Please keep reading to know more details! SM City Baguio full operation on

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