PRESS RELEASE: When was the last time you spent summer outside? It feels so long ago, doesn’t it? For over two years, we were stuck at home with “summer activities” that are way less fun: Surfing the internet instead of waves and scrolling on our phones instead of strolling outside. 4 Revisions We know you miss summer fun, But better and brighter days are here! Let SM Beauty help you press play on the best  summer ever, whenever you want to and wherever
Happy Birthday, Mama!

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mama

It is hard to even begin writing this blog right now but I would like to get this off my chest a bit. Today, January 24 is my mama’s birthday. For the first time and the most painful greeting I could ever say… HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN, MAMA. 

Baguio Local Buzzin’ Biz: Liryo PH

Everything Baguio Hey, everyone! I mentioned before that I will be doing a series of blogs about local brands that were born in the City of Pines. I am delighted to share another homegrown brand that was inspired by a legacy and empowering advocacy.   Behind the brand/ First Impressions I learned that one of my

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