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Greenbelt Eats: Watami

Why I went to Watami Simple reason, I was hungry and I was with my friend who happens to also love Japanese Cuisine. After checking out from our hotel where we stayed a couple of nights, we deserve a little feast before heading back home. Indeed, it was our first time to dine at Watami […]

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September RAEdiant Favorites

I’m not all too enthusiastic about this month of September. Honestly, I am thinking twice if I have to write one, however, I already aired out the circumstances that happened this September. It was all written in my previous blog. Anyways, I am still going to do this monthly favorites because I know that this […]

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In Loving Memory

I’m writing this blog on a more personal note. This September, many lives have been taken because of illness, calamity and more. What really hit me and caught me off guard was losing someone so dear to me and my family. Tita Jean left us but her loving memories. Here’s a letter that goes out […]

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August RAEdiant Favorites

Am I the only one feeling frightened but excited now that it’s already September? Where did the month of August go? I guess it has been really an Au-GHOST month-felt nothing but shivers! Lol! Anyways, while August was a rollercoaster ride for me, I was still able to come up with a roster of my […]

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